Signals - 1 Month

199.00$ / month

Forget about trading, leave the hard work to us and have more free time.

ACG focuses on high quality and accurate high time frame signals. More signals isn’t the same as better signals. We give you better signals.

We have skin in the game, we enter with our own funds, the signals that we issue.
ACG applies safe and industry standard risk management rules to mitigate loss and maximize profit.
All Signal tiers include Auto-Trading.

How does it work:
1- Enter our signals channel.
2- Configure the bot, APIs (no withdraw permission) for the different exchanges.
3- Configure risk and position rules

After this, whenever we issue a signal, you have a button under the signal message, where you can press and the bot will automatically execute for you the signal on the exchange.
If you enabled autotrading, no user action is needed, when we issue a signal, it automatically executes for you without any intervention.

Consult the additional information section for requirements.

Disclaimer: Due to United States regulations, we are unable to accept US residents and citizens for this service.


Applications: Telegram

Users must have accounts on the following exchange:
Binance (International) / Binance Futures (International)

Recommended amount of capital: 15000$, 5000$ per account

Minimum: 9000$, 3000$ per account

Base currencies across exchanges:
BTC (Bitcoin)
USDT (Tether)

Allocation of currencies between exchanges:
Binance Spot: 75% USDT, 25% BTC
Binance Futures: 100% USDT

Market: Cryptocurrencies

Average of 10 – 20 trades per month, with a max of 5 concurrent open trades without stop at break even.
Past performance is not indicative of future performance, due to the nature of the markets, we cannot guarantee a profit number per month from this service since performance varies depending on the market conditions.

Payment Methods

Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies we only accept payments via Visa – Mastercard CCs / debit cards for the 1 month and 6 month license.
We accept Visa – Mastercard CCs / debit cards and cryptocurrencies for the 1 year license of this service.
This is due to cryptocurrencies not allowing automatic recurring payments, which means that if the user forgot to pay the subscription, the bot would stop working, possibly leaving the user with trades open and incurring loss, to stop this we only allow crypto payments for the yearly tier of this service.
This minimizes user intervention of keeping track of renewals and guarantees uptime of the service for the user.

Risk Guidelines

-Risk Per Trade:
Preference but we use 0.5-1.5% (most people use 2-3%)
Formula: (Total Equity) * (Risk Percent) = (Risk per Trade) ex. $10,000 X 0.03 = $300
(This does not mean you buy $300 worth of a unit. Risking $300 means if you are stopped out you lose $300.)

-Position Size:
Formula: (Risk per Trade) / (Price per Unit * Distance to stop loss) = Position size
Ex. Total equity = $3000, Risk = 1.5%, Price of unit = $50, Stop loss = 4.8%
(3000*0.015) / (50 * 0.048) = 18.75 units

-R value:
The risk vs reward of a trade
We only enter trades that have a minimum of 2 R
Formula: Risk/Reward = R
Ex. Entry = 2, Stop loss = 1, Take profit = 4
2/1 = 2 R Value