“plant trees that other men will sit under.”
― Warren Buffet

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Gain the Edge

The Academy for Capital growth training mission is to make training for retail traders that demystifies the market. We support the student, offering a learning environment unique to the cryptocurrency trading sphere. Videos and chatrooms are not enough.

We use modern computer based training and simulation with audience aware curriculum, developed using the proven methods of Instructional Systems Design.

Academy for Capital Growth students learn the game right away.

An indicator not for sale to the general public, coded from scratch based on the research and experience of Academy for Capital growth traders. There is not another indicator like it.

We provide a unique signal package, allowing users to easily copy and execute trades with 1 click.
A custom app allows users to do this on the go and easily follow and execute the trades on the signals.

Market Analysis

We know its hard to decide which analysts will be right and which should be ignored. Our students sidestep this trap through use of our limited-access market analysis algorithm.

The Academy for Capital Growth gives the trader an edge by allowing access to dynamic entry, exit, stop, and trend predictions, continually updated for a 24h market. Academy for Capital Growth gives the trader and advantage.

Market Letter
The Only Letter you need

Not everyone has time to scan hundreds of pairs for incoming opportunities.

We do the hard work for you with our proprietary market scanner, then filter via our experienced traders, carefully choosing the best incoming opportunities from various markets.

Market Letter is a precisely picked list of pairs, opportunities and analysis.

Multi Market

Our proprietary market scanner is able to scan multiple markets for opportunities on various timeframes.


We find trades first and faster. We have the experience and the technology to pick from the best of the best.


We tell you why we make our picks because we believe people need more than just numbers shoved at them. We believe in people and tell you honestly when we think the social media and analysts are wrong and why. 

We select the highest probability golden eggs